UV Coatings ( MS-LUX® - VCT SERIES)
UV coating is cured by using various wave lengths of ultraviolet light. When exposed to high intensity UV light, the coatings can be cured in milliseconds. It is extremely fast curing and is more environmentally friendly due to its low volatile organic compounds (VOC).

UV plastic coating is designed for high quality finishes on PC, ABS, Acrylic, 1 component type acrylic basecoat, 2 component type acrylic polyol basecoat and on most pre-treated metal surfaces such as pre-galvanized steel, aluminium, stainless steel, etc. The excellent performances of the coating meet almost all specification requirements for hand phone casing and automotive interior parts.It also can be applied on electronic & electric appliance that requires excellent protection on cosmetic finishes.

Product Features:
• High gloss depth
• Good flow and leveling
• Excellent hardness & abrasion resistance
• Excellent chemical resistance

UV Coatings for VM Application ( MS-LUX® - VCT, VCM, & VCB SERIES )
Multi Square also developed UV basecoat, middle coat and topcoat for vacuum metalizing application.
VCB –UV basecoat
(Good adhesion with the plastic and metal layer and make it mirror like)
VCM –UV middle coat
(Good adhesion of metal layer and topcoat)
VCT –UV topcoat
(Protect metal layer from chemical or physical damage)
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