STP series is 1-pack, thermosetting-based stoving enamel designed for high quality finishes on most pretreated metal surfaces such as pre-galvanized mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel, zinc and magnesium alloy etc.
These series include products for both high-gloss and matt finishes. They are available in a wide range of colors and designed to suit the market’s need.
Product Features:
• Good chemical and solvent resistance
• Good hardness
• Good flow and leveling
• Good durability
Multi Square also developed bendable & punch able metal coating.
Product Features:
• Can be bended and punched after painting without
• Good adhesion on bending & punching edge.
• Good chemical resistance
• Good flow and leveling
Automotive Refinishing Coatings
Automotive refinishing coating is used for coating metal surface of motor-vehicle. The qualities of this product include high-gloss, weather resistance and chemical resistance.
It is available in primer coating, clear coat 2k high gloss with different solid content and fast and slow drying speed that is suitable for various applications.

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